6 Factors Which Affect Self-Storage Pricing

Residents in UK prefer to rent out self-storage facilities to save money. It is more practical to rent out a storage facility than getting a house big enough to fit all your items. There are a lot of factors that usually triggerprice of Self Storage units to go up or down. Just like real estate,the size,location,and amenities are only some aspects that influence its pricing.

The location and demand also can either raise or lower the price of a self-storage facility. It is just simple economics. When the demand for an item is high and the supply is limited,it is impossible for theself storage prices not to increase. For example,because space is limited in the overpopulated city of London,then the rent for both real estate and storage units have higher rates.

It is in cities like Manchester,Birmingham,Glasgow and obviously London where it is more recommended to rent a storage facility. It is because it would be far cheaper to rent a storage unit for your items than to get a place that can fit you and all your items without making you look like a hoarder.

The objective of renting a self-storage unit is to primarily save cash. That is why you should get a storage unit that is cost-effective. Don’t get a unit that is too large or filled with unnecessary amenities as you will just get your money thrown away.

Listed below are six factors that affect self storage pricing. From here you can determine how you can get the best unit without losing your bank account.


Look for the best storage that can hold all your stuff. Often,tenants get a self-storage facility that is way too hefty for their items. This leaves them with a unit that is filled with air and burns in your pocket. On the other hand,a unit that is too small cannot store all your items.

Not because the unit is cheap means it’s the best find. Get the one that fits you and your items. We also advise you to organise your stuff so you are able to minimise your space.

Disassembling your furniture is also recommended. You should also personally check the storage unit that you want so you get to know the actual size.

Self-storage facilities are available in different sizes. You can get a small unit that can only fit the contents of your home closet but also there are larger units that can fit all the items of a six-bedroom house,furniture included.


If you have tried looking for real estate then you would know that the location is one aspect. Prices of residential areas increase the closer it is to the city just as to storage units. Units in busy cities like London,Manchester and Birmingham are more high-priced than units in the countryside. The price of a small storage unit in London can be the same cost as a large unit in a different town. We recommend getting a storage unit that is not located in the city so you can save more money. However,if you’re going to deposit items that you will need over the week,then rent a unit nearer to save you time and gas money.


Increase in the number of population is also an increase in the cost of real estate. This is because the demand for space is quite high. The population os students in the area also affect storage prices. Towns like Sheffield that is populated with students have higher prices compared to non-student towns like Arbroath.

Type of Unit (Indoor or Outdoor)

Decide whether you prefer an indoor storage unit or an outdoor type. The type of unit you choose determines its price. Outdoor facilities permit tenants to drive up and access their items from the outside hence making it easier to go in and out. Indoor access facilities,on the other hand,can only be obtained from the inside of building premises. Outdoor access units are definitely more convenient and cheaper. However,amenities like Climate Control are not available with Outdoor facilities. On the other hand,Indoor storages have higher cost but are more secure and got lots of perks. Transferring into indoor facilities can also be hassle as you need to haul them yourself to the unit.


As mentioned earlier,storage units have different amenities like climate control,24/7 access and CCTV cameras. Each of these amenities has their own function e.g. climate control protects wooden furniture and old books from humidity damage and mould. 24/7 access gives you access to your items any time of the day it is. A CCTV camera on your unit,obviously,will put your mind at ease of leaving your items. Every additional amenity will drive up the price so make sure that you get only the amenities that you really need.

Duration of Stay

The length of your stay is also a factor as to how much rent you have to pay. Self-storage facilities somehow offer discount if you intend to stay for a long period of time.