Brain Injury Costs And How To Cope With Them

In America,TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) is a big cause of disability and death. Approximately thirty percent of injury fatalities result from TBIs. These injuries are caused by jolts,blows or bumps to the skull,or penetrative impacts that stop the brain from functioning properly.

On average,sixty percent of people with brain injuries are unemployed a couple of years after diagnosis. This compares to a 5.1 percent unemployment average nationwide,according to sure for an injury . The expensive treatment fees complicate things further. It is thought that the cost of TBI treatment over the course of a patient’s lifetime is $3,000,000 to $85,000. Forecasts indicate that as many as fifty-three percent of homeless people suffer from brain injuries.

Delivering suitable support and care to patients can reduce reliance on state and federal public schemes,unemployment levels,homelessness and supplemental security payments. Businesses should be encouraged to employ people with TBIs,to fulfill their staffing requirements. The Kessler Foundation conducted a survey recently,which showed that businesses who employed those with TBIs had lower staff turnover and identical levels of absenteeism,in comparison to businesses with able bodied staff.

The Wounded Warrior Project provides employer resources,injury data,onboarding procedures and employer accommodations for military veterans. It is estimated that,since 2001,320,000 soldiers have suffered TBIs. Reportedly,over 30,000 veterans received a TBI diagnosis in 2011.

There are millions more Americans who need assistance with dealing with the costs of a brain injury though. The process of recovery varies considerably,because all brain injuries and people are different. In most cases,it takes a long time to recover — several months,if not years — because the brain is such a delicate and complex organ. Inevitably,this increases the cost of treatment. Sadly,while some people might get the help they need,not everyone will,which is why a good accident attorney is needed.